Hôtel Ilargi


For a hotel trade responsible for its environment

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Hôtel Ilargi
Rue de la cidrerie
Z.A. de Lanzelaï
64310 Ascain

with the Ilargi hotel, between Ascain and Saint Jean de Luz

ilargi hotel


"ILARGI" in Basque language wants say the "MOON".The choice of the name was made for the majority of the family owner of the hotel, what fell perfectly the moon being an element mattering int the basque legends, and the owl, the night animal for excellence being the lucky charm of one of the owners.

The hotel will consist of 9 rooms and 5 suites : 4 of 4 personns and, one of 6 persons, among wich a room and a handicaped apartment.

the hotel has for a theme : five continents, and every room or suite will be different; The hotel will be decorated with a natural swimming pool.

You will find in the course of pages and weeks, progress of the works, and photos. In some weeks a game competition will be set up to win two weekends in the hotel during the opening.

Then, goodbye...